Toilet papers have been a norm for almost a century. For a hundred years, they have been the pinnacle tool for cleaning yourself up after the toilet. Today, people think that it is the only choice there is.But behold, there’s a new product that is sure to shake the very fabric of your toilet paper experience. Bidet toilet seats are now being absorbed into mainstream homes and are what people consider as the most magnificent radical bathroom makeover they have ever done in their life.No more stinky bathroom trash bins, no more horrifying toilet brushes and most of all, no more wiping because the Bidet toilet seat takes care of them all. Here are a few more things that a bidet toilet seat can help with.

It Helps the Elderly, the Pregnant, and the Disabled

People who have motor problems and have difficulties reaching and bending over might have a tougher time dealing with toilet papers as their only friend. A bidet toilet seat can provide them with much better care and clean than your standard toilet paper.

Saving the elderly from more pain and the pregnant from bending over and doing paralyzing and complex forms to wipe and care for the baby at the same time.A bidet toilet seat can help people, and you should be aware of that. If you still cannot decide after this, then maybe this will.

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Bidet Toilet Seats Help You Save Nature

You might be surprised to learn that a bidet toilet seat can help in reducing pollution. Toilet papers come from trees that are cut down and processed. Twenty-seven thousand trees are taken down almost every day to supply America alone.

Factories which manufacture toilet papers have carbon emissions that are out of the charts. And for what? Only to produce a single sheet of paper that can only be used once. After being used, it is then passed as garbage and contributes to the constant problem of pollution.

Converting to a bidet toilet seat can save you a hefty amount of money and would also save trees and nature by reducing the garbage we produce as an individual household. Not only that, bidet toilet seats clean you using water more efficiently and precisely than any brand of toilet paper ever could.

The Bidet Toilet Seat can Help You Manage a Few Illnesses

From yeast infections to hemorrhoids, the bidet toilet seat can be an excellent mediator to irritants and problems that cause pain to our bottom and vagina. Unlike how we use the toilet paper, we usually wipe the poop clean off.

This is not advisable for people with hemorrhoids since the toilet paper has rough textures that might scald and infect the wound causing it to grow and be more painful. This also applies to yeast infections and any problems concerning the vagina. The bidet toilet seat can provide a deep and thorough clean without spreading the irritant.

Bidets are unsung and uncelebrated pieces of technology that gives us a taste of the future from a different perspective. So go ahead and visit and see for yourself, what kind of benefit will a bidet toilet seat bring to you.